Welcome to Our Cat Friendly Practice

A Cat Friendly Practice is one that not only meets the needs of its feline patients but exceeds them. Cats are complex creatures and deserve their own unique care that varies significantly from their canine counterparts. At All Paws Veterinary Clinic, we serve cats from all over the Paris, TX area with exceptional care. Our veterinarian and staff have been trained to handle cats with gentle understanding, and our facility is tailored to their comfort. Learn more about what it means to be a Cat Friendly Practice!


Handling Cats with Extra Care

Becoming a Cat Friendly Practice required a few changes to our facility, our mindset, and how we trained our team. The result is an animal hospital with cat-friendly amenities and a staff that understands their unique needs and behaviors. Things we’ve included in our animal hospital are:

  • Low-stress handling
  • Trained staff to recognize signs of discomfort, sickness, and pain
  • Feline-only exam rooms
  • Feliway diffusers to create a calming environment
  • Feliway-infused towels for cats to curl up in

Reducing Stress at Home

With some extra care, you can lessen your cat’s discomfort and create a more pleasant experience when traveling to the vet. One of the most important elements is getting your cat used to their carrier. Here are a few tips to help lessen any unnecessary stress on your cat:

  • Leave the carrier out all the time to help your cat become more comfortable with it.
  • Place treats inside it for them to find.
  • Furnish it with soft bedding.
  • Spray Feliway pheromones to encourage your cat’s interest in it.
  • Place a blanket over the carrier before you come into the clinic so your cat doesn’t become stressed after seeing unknown animals.

Want to learn more about our Cat Friendly Practice?

If your cat is overly anxious about veterinary visits, we offer Happy Cat Packs that contain Feliway wipes and gentle sedatives to help them stay calm for the journey and for their visit, too. Ask us about them and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Additionally, for more information about our Cat Friendly Practice, please contact us today!