Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs and Cats in Paris, TX

Our veterinarian, Dr. Gatlin, does it all. She performs extensive soft tissue surgeries as well as complex orthopedic surgery. Orthopedics involves the bones and joints, while soft tissue covers everything else. Dogs especially are prone to orthopedic issues including hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament injuries, and patella luxation. However, all pets benefit from orthopedic surgery to repair broken and fractured bones!


Our Orthopedic Procedures

Common orthopedic procedures Dr. Gatlin performs include:

  • Internal fixations such as pinning and plates for fracture repair
  • CCL repairs
  • Patella luxation repair
  • Femoral osteotomy for hip dysplasia repair
  • Amputations

Safety in Every Procedure

Just as with any procedure, the safety and comfort of your pet are our primary concerns. We administer pain medications before and after surgery to diminish their discomfort and make the recovery process smoother. For orthopedic surgeries, you’ll also need to bring your pet in for follow-up appointments to make sure everything is healing properly. Their activity at home will also have to be closely monitored. For example, while casts for fracture repairs help keep the joint immobile, it’s important that your pet doesn't put any unnecessary weight on it!

As always, contact us today with any questions or concerns at (903) 784-2900.


When Your Pet May Need Orthopedic Surgery

Your pet may require orthopedic surgery from either an injury or from a slowly developing condition like hip dysplasia. Any severe trauma injury, such as being hit by a car or falling from a great height, warrants a veterinary visit as soon as possible. We’ll assess for any fractures or damage to ligaments so we can treat your pet right away. Other conditions, such as patella luxation or hip dysplasia, develop more slowly, and often more subtly. If you notice any strange walking patterns in your pet, schedule an appointment. We’ll perform X-rays to determine whether your pet has either condition and is eligible for surgery.