Exceptional Experience in Spay and Neuter Surgeries

At All Paws Veterinary Clinic, we routinely perform spay and neuter surgeries for our clients’ pets, as well as many of the local shelters and rescues in and around Paris, too! Our experience allows us to perform the safest and most efficient surgeries.


Why Spay and Neuter?

Without spay and neuter surgeries, pets adhere to their instinct to reproduce, and it dominates their behavior. Females will routinely come into heat, which is a frustrating and even messy time for them (and you, too). Males, on the other hand, are more aggressive and may be obsessive about marking their territory (aka your home) with urine and even scratch marks (particular to cats). Both females and males are also more prone to escape in their search for a mate, which puts them in danger of being hit by cars and confrontations with wild animals.

Spaying and neutering your pet curbs these behaviors and offers a whole range of medical benefits for them, too, including:


  • Reduced risk of mammary gland tumors
  • No chance of developing pyometra, a serious uterine infection
  • No chance of developing ovarian or uterine cancers


  • Reduced risk of prostate issues
  • No risk of testicular cancer

When to Perform the Surgery

Depending on your pet’s breed and gender, the most beneficial time for a spay and neuter surgery varies. While we generally shoot for about 5 months of age, some pets reap more benefits if given the surgery earlier or later. For instance, female kittens can come into their first heat cycle as early as 4 months of age, so it’s important to spay them before. Meanwhile, sex hormones can help control the growth rates of large breed dogs, so it’s better for them to receive the surgery later, between 9 and 12 months of age. Each pet is different, and we’ll discuss with you the best options for your cat or dog!