Meet Your Veterinarian
and Veterinary Staff

Our veterinarian, Dr. Gatlin, has been practicing in the Paris, TX area since 2011, and during her time here, she’s developed a strong reputation for compassion, skill, and knowledge. And her veterinary staff are no different! We strive for excellence because pets deserve no less. Learn more about our outstanding team below and schedule an appointment soon to meet us in person!


Dr. Lisa Strate Gatlin

I have been an avid animal lover since I was a young girl. It turns out, the only critters I don't absolutely love are pigs and possums. While I enjoy spending long hours at the clinic, I treasure time spent with my family, sleeping-in any time I have the opportunity, reading a good book, and deep-sea fishing.

My favorite part of the job is soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, as well as internal medicine. Ultrasonography is also very interesting to me and we are looking forward to adding TCI (Transcervical Insemination) to our list of services we offer. Working closely with my dedicated and capable staff to provide your pets with excellent care is also very fulfilling to me.



Practice Manager

I have always loved animals, and like most little girls I wanted to grow up and be a vet. When I got older, I decided I wanted to grow up and become a technician. I am in school finishing my LVT and I hope to specialize in nutrition as well as get my practice manager credentials in the future. My favorite part of my job is repro and nutrition. In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family and competing with my labs.



Veterinary Technician

I'm currently attending Texas A&M University to receive my Bachelor's in Animal Science with a Pre-Vet concentration. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, two dogs, and my cat. I enjoy assisting in surgeries and taking photos of our puppy patients.



Kennel Technician

I am studying Business Administration at Texas A&M University. I grew up with animal my whole life and have been apart of rodeoing since I was born. In my free time I enjoy being with my animals, at a rodeo, or with my family and friends.



Record Checking

Sarah loves her job, and her favorite part is being able to see all the pets who come in! In her spare time, she loves being with her family.




I am a junior at TAMUC pursuing a equine bachelors with a minor in Agribusiness, In my spare time I enjoy training my filly and being with family. My favorite part of the job is seeing clients and their fur babies reunited at the end of the day.




After trying my hand at many things, I have found a place I absolutely love. As a lover of all animals, working with Dr. Gatlin has proven to be the right fit for me. I look forward to everyday and every paw that comes to see us.



Dog Trainer / Everything Bagel

I am a graduate of Southern Arkansas University where I received a BFA specializing in Game Animation and Simulation Development.  I have a love for almost everything and it makes me a jack of all trades so to speak. I have started Good Dog Training as way to teach people, train dogs, and help them grow together as a team! I also help keep track of a variety of odds and ends projects at GAPVC and Posh Paws. From social media, website design and updates, to helping in the clinic, spear heading new ideas and developments, and task management, I love to be apart of it all!





Veterinary Technician

I was raised around a wide variety of animals. From kittens to rhinos I think every animal needs someone to be thier voice. I love to help animals and people in anyway I can. My favorite part of the job is knowing we help everyone that walks through our doors.




Recovery Nurse

I am the hardest working employee of GAPVC. My job is to recover the patients and keep everyone entertained. Being a recovery nurse is challenging, especially when you are my size! My favorite part of my job is laying with the surgical patients after their surgery to make sure they are ok.